The Treehouse Project vision is to build a completely sustainable alternative education centre in the Lower Mainland.  It’s purpose is to connect children and youth with nature as a necessary foundation for connecting to the self, family and community.  It will be an educational and sacred space to host ceremonies, meetings, events and workshops on sustainable and wilderness living and creative self-expression.

The Treehouse is a space to reconnect with the earth’s wisdom and the sky’s inspiration and therefore our innermost unique selves. Children, youth, adults and elders must come together once again to share innovation, knowledge and wisdom. This is a time like never before, when individuals are becoming aware of their personal responsibility to heal the world we inhabit.  It is a collective task requiring the dedication and unique gifts of all who hear the call.  The language of the earth is subtle yet overpowering, requiring respect and space to share in order to keep its knowledge alive.

Following this principle, the project is designed to influence and transform the human experience at multiple levels to create unity and completion within and between each of us. In building the structure, a community will come together spanning all distinctions of society- age, sex, ethnicity, profession, and social and economic status. Together we will learn and exhibit the productive power of a group dedicated to the common goal of strengthening the earth’s and humanity’s collective heartbeat.

The project works at creating harmony through seven stages:

* ‘Roots’- Working as a community in the physical world to build a safe space with guidance from the natural systems of the land – cob and permaculture

* ‘Relationships and Creativity’- Connecting, collaborating and using inspiration and the support provided by ‘roots’ to bring ideas into physical reality

* ‘Willpower and Self-Identity’- Connecting to the truest self through exploration of energy (art, movement, theatre, plants and crystals)

* ‘Love’- Learning from the natural environment and a loving community, and learning effective techniques to generate self-love through focus, creativity and authentic self-expression

* ‘Truth of Expression’- Strengthening own unique voice through sharing and teaching, as everyone will have space to host workshops

* ‘Inner Knowing’- Through a closer connection to the language of the land, the community will strengthen sensitivity to their own impulses, inspirations and desires

* ‘Leadership’- While being connected to a greater collective dedicated to respecting the land and community, individuals will feel supported to step into their unique purpose




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