The Stars Are All About This

Wow, what an amazing confirmation for the whole project and process. Especially starting around 11 mins.
Thank you Kaypacha!!

This is his website with the list of conscious communities and initiatives around the world- I submitted this project and it should be listed soon ūüėõ

And this is mysticmamma’s website, for consistently super insightful wisdom from the stars’ perspective*

Dreamers Learning How to Do

The Treehouse feels like my baby.  I want so much for it to grow and expand and well actually exist in the physical dimension, yet I am hovering in cultivating the seed.  Oh boy is it being nourished though, the vision gets more magnificent every day.  The imagination and determination of like-minded souls is very fertile grounds for visioning.  However, the process of creation involves a whole lot more work than dreaming.

Dreams, I had a dream once! ¬†Where I was trying to¬†get a room full of people onboard and excited about this project. ¬†Twice I explained with these long-winded philosophical articulations of why it is necessary and the impact on society and such,¬†and people clapped with their minds and agreed then wandered away. The third time I was like “Basically, we need more¬†creative spaces¬†in the city, and we all just wanna be¬†in the¬†trees” and they all cheered and clapped in a standing ovation every single one beaming at me, it was quite epic.

Because really, who would say no to a completely sustainably-built structure that looks like a hobbit house and has a spiraling staircase leading up to a treehouse and basically dropped out of Never Never Land, created for the sole purpose of strengthening our connections to each other and our planet through art, yoga, nature and ceremony?


Okay so let’s start with accomplishments. ¬†What has happened to date is:

Visioning of an Alternative Education Centre for Experiential and Imaginative Learning

Team of cool cats who want to be involved/make/see this happen!!!!

Contact with Jil Weaving, the Arts, Culture and Environmental Coordinator for Parks Board — questions to consider and kudos for our unique project

Connected with Jenna of Soaring Eagle Nature School and Raelene of Culturally Relevant Urban Wellness Program for possible collaboration down the road — this is super rad because they both do aspects of the types of programming we’d like to have at the Treehouse

Connected with Ian Marcuse, who has years of cob-building experience and expertise to offer should we have any questions

Connected with the MudGirls who do cob-building workshops and would love to be involved – YES!!


That all looks pretty good seeing it in one place. ¬†We’re kind of set up for good things.

SO…what this all comes down to is we need a LOCATION. ¬†Ideas put forth have been:

Pacific Spirit Park

Trout Lake

Tsleil-Waututh Nation land

Musqueam Nation land

UBC Farm


Oh yeah, here’s where I get scared. (Only until I finish writing this though.)

This process is giving me a taste of some fears mothers may come up against with real live babies. ¬†For example, knowing how many possibilities await for potential transformations and NO’s for it to come up against. ¬†What if someone asks you a million questions about your kid and you have to defend them?¬†¬†What is someone doesn’t like¬†your kid?! ¬†(Which is just ridiculous.)¬†It makes me feel like we need to have everything assembled like in that ducks analogy; be prepared for everything anywhere ever!! Which¬†is wise on some levels…it just also means PERFECTIONISM which can be debilitating.

So fears aside, next step!

Contact people, do some research, OH YEAH and finish the official proposal all official like. So simple. Basically, throw a bunch more seeds out there and let them float away on the wind. ¬†Who knows how they’ll gestate and what adventures they’ll go on. ¬†Be a mama who trusts in her child’s journey!

Some nice¬†advice I am going to remind myself right now (from The Secret which I watched a few days ago)…

is that when following your dreams you don’t need to know HOW you’re going to accomplish it, you just need to know WHAT it is you want to accomplish.

HOW is the Universe’s domain. Nice.